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Buena Vista All Stars

BRAVO! Latino is excited to bring an ensemble of hit making all stars from that were with famous Buena Vista Social Club to your next major event or festival worldwide.  From Havana, Cuba to the world we bring you the “BUENA VISTA ALL STARS”.

Gilberto “Papi” Oviedo (1937, La Habana) is a Cuban tres player. The tres, a distinctive type of plucked instrument in Cuban music, has three sets of double strings. Papi, the son of the legendary musician, Isaac Oviedo, started playing the tres when he was around 15. A veteran of many bands, Papi was the tres player in Elio Revé’s band for 13 years. He has been on tour with Buena Vista Social Club exposing the son style to wider audiences.

Manuel Guajiro Mirabal “Guajiro” learned trumpet at a very young age and began playing professionally in 1951. He joined the jazz band ‘Swing Casino’ in 1953 before forming the ‘Conjunto Rumbavana’ three years later. In 1960, he joined the ‘Orquesta Riverside,’ whose singer Toto Gomez gave him his nickname ‘Guajiro’ Mirabal. There followed spells with various orchestras including ‘Orquesta del ICRT,’ the official orchestra of Cuban state radio and television.

In 1996 “Guajiro” became one of the Cuban musicians who joined American guitarist Ry Cooder for the Buena Vista Social Club collaboration. “Guajiro” went on to play a prominent role playing lead trumpeter on both records and performances for the group, featuring in the 1999 movie also titled Buena Vista Social Club. “Guajiro” has since released solo works under the Buena Vista Social Club esents… umbrella including an album which pays tribute to Cuban music legend Arsenio Rodríguez.  In 2004 Miribal released an album in partnership with Buena Vista Social Club entitled Buena Vista Social Club Presents Manuel Guajiro Mirabal which was widely acclaimed and became another part of the Buena Vista Social Club collection. In his years of musical experience, Manuel “Guajiro” Mirabal worked alongside some of the greatest Cuban legends in history, such as Ibrahim Ferrer, Omara Portuondo, Ruben Gonzalez, Compay Segundo.

Ignacio Carillo “Mazacote”-The first orchestra Ignacio Carrillo ”Mazacote” worked with was the Supremo de Berto Ramos, alongside José Calvo Cueras. From then on, his career really took off.  He was the singer with orchestras like the Conjunto Bolero, Chappottín y sus Estrellas popularizing songs like “Olla Olla”, “Che-Che”, “Nicolás Corrió”, “Cuéntame de Ti”, “Vida y Besos” and “Muere Una Ilusión”, with la orquesta de Neno González, he made the following hits popular; “Se Secó Manantial”, “El Sazón de tus Frijoles”, “Viejo Celoso”, “Lunita Redondita”, “El Molote”, and so on. In 2001 he had a huge success with the album “De Profesión… Sonero”. A septet format accompanied him; almost all of them were members of the well-known Septeto Matamoros. He managed to transform “Muere Una Ilusión” into a number 1 hit, obtaining a prize for Best Traditional Cuban Album in the CUBADISCO awards in 2001. One of Mazacote’s specialities is the way he adapts his voice perfectly to his accompanying music.  On this album he has subtly varied the accompanying music, introducing a piano and timbal, giving a fresher and more danceable air.  This CD includes hits like “Soy De Buenavista”, “Oye Sambullo”, “Hoy Sé Más”, “Dos Letras”, “Tu y Yo”.

Cristina Azcuy-If you go three chilometres to the south of Havana’s city center you will notice  how the sun-bleached tarmac turns into red and brown soil, You now find yourself in Marianao. In this old suburb, not far from the legendary but now closed dancehall called Buena Vista Social Club, some of Havana’s top musicians and vocalists gathered in the summer of 2002. The purpose was to make an album with an astounding singer: Cristina Azcuy. “Marianao”. Cristina is one of Cuba’s strongest vocalists, with a voice that resounds with over five hundred years of cultural and racial blending. Her powerful energy and charisma stems from the afro-european tradition. You simply have to experience this album! Cristina Azcuy is a brilliant artist who makes the listener forget about time and space. Her playful manners are mixed with total musical control. She will rock your world. Marianao lovingly handles the musical genre that evolved on the Cuban countryside in the beginning of the last century. “Son” became the music and comfort of slaves and poor farmworkers. The roots were in Africa, France and Spain. Today the son music has been reawaken by the Buena Vista Social Club albums, which have sold in the millions, but the truth is that this gently grooving celebration of everyday life never died. It had merely been resting in the shadows. And besides: the music of son can never be rushed.


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As pre-teens, brothers Rudy and Steve Salas performed in Los Angeles, California’s greater Eastside community rock ‘n’ roll dance circuit, playing a cross-genre style of music incorporating elements of rock and pop as well as R&B, jazz, and salsa. The Salas brothers were joined by David Torres and Andre Baeza to form the band El Chicano, which evolved into Tierra with the addition of Bobby Navarrete, Joey Guerra, Steve Falomir and Philip Madayag in the early 1970s. With a distinct Latin-influenced R&B sound, Tierra broke out of the L.A. scene in 1980 with their national hit version of the Intruders’ *Together*, which reached Number 18 on the *Billboard *Hot 100. As the first Latino band to have four songs on the national chart, Tierra made Chicano R&B a forum for social commentary and paved the way for other Chicano and Latino artists like fellow Eastside natives Los Lobos and Miami’s Gloria Estefan. Although their national success was limited to the early ’80s, Tierra persisted and the group has released over a dozen albums since their formation almost forty years ago and is an enduring presence in the Latin R&B genre. Hailed as the “Best R&B Vocal Group” by *Billboard Magazine* and others, Tierra has had a lasting impact on the popular music of America.

BRAVO! Latino is very proud to have TIERRA on our roster for your national conventions, conferences, festivals and all private affairs. Contact Rikki Rincon at 972-960-2525 Ext 101 or to get them on your calendar today!






The Original Cover Girls (Freestyle/Pop) began its musical career in 1986 at a time when other American and British girl groups such as Exposé, Bananarama, Seduction, Sweet Sensation and Company B were scoring hit singles on the pop and dance charts.  Covers Girls are a New York City-based freestyle girl group that achieved most of its chart success in the late 1980s and early 1990s. Among the group’s best-known songs are “Show Me”, “Inside Outside”, “Funk Boutique” and “Wishing on a Star”.  Contact us for more information.



El Gran Combo de Puerto Rico, commonly known as El Gran Combo, is a Puerto Rican Salsa music orchestra based in San Juan, Puerto Rico. Celebrating its 50th anniversary in 2012, it is Puerto Rico’s most successful musical group, and is considered “the most popular Salsa group that has ever existed”. The group received the moniker La Universidad de la Salsa (The University of Salsa) in Colombia, due to the sheer number of famous salsa musicians and singers who developed their careers with it, who started with the group (particularly Andy Montañez), or who were occasionally backed up by the band (including Celia Cruz, Héctor Lavoe and La India).

The Salsa Orchestra was founded in May 1962, by Rafael Ithier. Ithier is still nominally its musical director, and is the only remaining members from the band’s original lineup. As of 2010, Willie Sotelo, who joined the group in 2006 as pianist, has become the band’s de facto musical director on tours, with Ithier conducting the group and playing occasionally in select live performances. They are still actively performing after 50 years together.  The group was scheduled to celebrate its 50th anniversary on 11 November 2012 at the Coliseo de Puerto Rico. The group started its celebration with a grand world tour that took them to five continents.




John Secada– (Latin/Pop) Some artists rocket to stardom so completely and with such a clear and defined musical style, that we identify their music intrinsically as ours. We grant these artists the highest possible status by making their songs our private refuge, the very soundtrack of our lives. These artists are a part of who we truly are. Multiple Grammy Award-winner Jon Secada is one of those artists.

With a career spanning over two decades, two Grammy Awards, 20 million albums sold, and starring roles on Broadway, the acclaimed, romantic sounds of Jon Secada, have resulted in numerous hits in English and Spanish establishing him as one of the first bilingual artists to have international crossover success. Adored by millions around the world, Secada is recognized as an international superstar by both fans and peers alike for his soulful and melodic voice. In honor of the 20th Anniversary of his first hit (“Just Another Day”), Secada recently released his latest single and music video, “I’m Never Too Far Away,” which is currently climbing the Billboard Magazine Adult Contemporary chart.





Elvis Crespo is the only Latin artist whose music has been literally played even on the moon, and has positioned a tropical genre song in the charts longer than any other. The Spanish National Football (Soccer) team celebrated the 2010 World Championship chanting one of his songs, and even President Barack Obama got into his groove at the Hispanic Congressional Caucus Awards in Washington D.C. These are some of the few landmarks for this artist who has broken every norm throughout his thunderous career.

At least 3 of his songs (Tu Sonrisa, Pintame, Suavemente) have become true anthems for celebration, regardless of the language, they have broken every frontier. “Suavemente”, his most emblematic song, has been played from the neighborhoods in Egypt, to concerts in Australia, and was the only song in Spanish chosen by the astronauts in the 2006 Discovery mission. This is because Elvis Crespo quickly went from just another meringue artist, to becoming the king of meringue and meringue-fusion.

Elvis was born in New York City, on July 30thm 1971, but he only lived there until he was six, when his family moved to Guaynabo, Puerto Rico. There, he developed his two biggest passions, music and baseball. As a kid, he dreamt about being in the group Menudo, and later on, becoming a professional baseball player.

In baseball, he could not consolidate himself as a player, but he did so in team management. Throughout this time, he kept pursuing his passion for music, and at the age of 17 he began working professionally in the Willie Berríos, Lenny Pérez, and Toño Rosario orchestras. The major jump in his career occurs in the mid 90’s when he enters the popular group, Grupo Manía, as a singer and composer. One of the group’s biggest hits, was “Linda eh”, written by Elvis. This gave him the necessary exposure and in 1998, Sony offered him to go solo.

From his debut, Elvis’ career seemed destined for fast and big success. His first album, “Suavemente”, reached the Billboard National Hot Latin Top 40 and two of its singles, “Tu Sonrisa”, and “Suavemente”, were massive hits. “Suavemente” went to #1 in the Billboard National Hot List and stayed there for seven weeks, becoming the longest lasting Tropical song in a national list. It was also the first in Sony’s roster of tropical artists to sell over a million copies in the US, and over 4million worldwide.

In 20120, the undisputed king of merengue-fusion released his 8th solo production called, “Indestructible”, a word that symbolizes what his career has been like, overcoming all kinds of obstacles. Elvis Crespo has proven that his talent goes far beyond performing, succeeding as a songwriter, producer, actor, and TV host. His hits are still played from his native Puerto Rico, to countries like Venezuela, Colombia, Bolivia, México, Guatemala, Panamá, Honduras, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Perú, Chile, Argentina, Dominican Republic, Australia, Dubai, Israel, Spain, Alaska and the United States, among many others.

His versatility and insatiable hunger for trying new genres and keeping the audience guessing what he’ll do next are part of his trademark style.



Nydia Rojas (Mariachi Star) At age 13, Nydia became a vocalist/guitarist with the all-female Mariachi Reyna de Los Angeles, which provided a spring-board for her to gain a solo contract with the Arista Latin recording label. Her debut solo album, self-titled, was recorded when she was 15 years of age then released after her 16th birthday. She began to set a pace for mariachi music for younger generations in the U.S. Nydia was invited to perform for President Clinton during his re-election inauguration, and later that year, she was declared a mariachi sensation by USA Today. In the next five years another three solo albums followed. During this time her performances played to packed audiences of up to 18,000 fans. At the 9th Lo Nuestro Awards, Rojas was nominated for Female Regional Mexican Artist of the Year. Nydia’s third album, Si Me Conocieras, was nominated for a Latin Grammy award alongside such established artists as Vicente Fernández and Alejandro Fernández, and Antonio and Pepe Aguilar. It further established her as an outstanding performer in her field, and soon after this, she went on two national tours with the great Juan Gabriel.



Oscar D’ Leon  (Salsa) is a charismatic singer and bass player D’León, commonly known as ‘El Leon de la Salsa’ (The Lion of Salsa), is one of the few contemporary salsa musicians to capitalize on the strengths of 40s and 50s Cuban big band arrangers, yet recognizably with a distinctive modern flavour. Drawing on Cuban classics and compositions by other prominent Latin composers as a vehicle for imaginative reinterpretations, he has accumulated an impressive body of work, from a country not typically associated with producing a world-class Latin artist. D’León possesses an exceptionally good voice, with a large range, very silky and playful yet emotionally impressive. The interplay of the harmonized lead vocals and nasal background singing (which is traditional to the Afro-Cuban form called son) perfectly complements and mirrors the brass arrangements, giving a rich dynamic texture. D’León’s band is essentially a salsa orquesta with a line-up of the usual rhythm section of percussion, bass and piano augmented by varying numbers of brass instruments, particularly trombones. On stage, D’León is an exuberant, tongue-in-cheek showman, with an outstanding ability to involve the audience in his extended improvisations on his many hits and Latin music classics. Contrary to his reputation as a bass player, he concentrates his ‘live’ performances only on singing and energetic dancing, unavoidably involving the audience.


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Jay Perez (Tejano) is an American Tejano musician, who is known for his mixing of Rhythm and Blues with traditional Tejano music. Initially a drummer, he became a leading vocalist for Latin Breed and David Lee Garza y los Musicales. Perez began a solo career in the early 1990s and has released several solo albums. He has also won many Tejano Music Awards. To his fan base, he is known as “The Voice”. Jay Perez is the most sought after Tejano artist coast to coast and outside the USA. He won the “Male Vocalist of the Year” at the Tejano Music Awards for the following years 2000, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008 and 2010.



Willie Chirino (Salsa)  began his artistic career in Miami, releasing his first album in 1974. Since then, he has recorded over 20 albums, several of which have attained platinum and gold status. In 2006, his album “Son del Alma”, won a Grammy for Best Salsa/Merengue Album. As founder of the Willy Chirino Foundation, his philanthropic efforts have been recognized by UNICEF and the Department of State. He celebrated his 35th anniversary in music with his latest released album “Willy Chirino Live-35th Anniversary” (“Willy Chirino En Vivo-35 Aniversario”), a CD/DVD combo of the concert. This album brought him his first nomination for Best Salsa Album at the 2007 Latin Grammy Awards.



Tito Puente Jr. (Salsa) -The comparison is inevitable. How could it be otherwise? Tito Puente Jr. carries his father with him – imprinted on his physical being and locked in his soul. It’s in his looks, his joy, and his music. Tito, Jr. is on a passionate mission. The younger Puente is determined to nurture the musical legacy left by his father. He refuses to let his father become a distant memory. “He was just too vibrant, too exciting. There was magic in the music my father made. It made people happy all over the world.”

He has found captive audiences who echo his passion. Crowds lured to a venue by the father are returning to see the son — and to once again participate in the high voltage celebration that takes place on stage. Tito Puente, Jr. has become an audience favorite in casinos, performing arts centers, symphony halls and jazz festivals worldwide, performing more than 300 shows over the past 5 years. He was seen in a tribute to his father’s music on NBC’s two hour special–“The Apollo at 70: A Hot Night in Harlem.” He has also appeared on the ABC soap opera hit “One Life to Live” in performance with his big band.


La Mafia

La Mafia is a four-time Grammy Award-winning musical group. It has its roots in the Northside neighborhood of Houston, Texas and has charted a course as a Latin music band.   La Mafia was founded in 1980 in Houston, TX. Vocalist Oscar De La Rosa & producer/keyboardist/accordionist Armando Lichtenberger Jr. created an original style that survived various changes in the music industry. The band consists of Tim Ruiz on bass, David de la Garza on keyboards and background vocals, Joe Gonzales on drums and Viktor Pacheco on Guitar in 2007. The band has won 2 Grammys & 2 Latin Grammys was nominated in 2009 for a Latin Grammy for the album Eternamente Romanticos.

La Mafia, seeking to expand their musical horizons, began touring extensively in Mexico and Latin America beginning in the late 1980s. The practice of Mexican-American artists performing in Mexico on a large scale was unheard of before La Mafia. Back home, La Mafia has performed in front of three record-setting crowds at the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo at the Houston Astrodome.


Ramon Ayala

Ramón Ayala (Regional/Norteño) is a Mexican musician, composer/songwriter of Norteño and Conjunto music. Known as the “King of the Accordion,” Ayala has recorded over 105 albums for which he has received four Grammy Awards. Additionally, Ayala has been featured in thirteen movies. A legend of norteño music, Ayala is one of the most recognized and best-selling artists of this genre of Mexican music, breaking many sales records along the way. Ayala continues to be a classic musician who is remembered as one of the founders of the modern norteño music. Ayala has won and has been nominated for several Grammy awards. In 2001 Ayala was awarded with an American Grammy award for the album En Vivo… El Hombre Y Su Música. Ayala has also been awarded with two Latin Grammies for the albums “Quémame Los Ojos” and “El Numero Cien”. He is well known for his music.



Stevie B Born in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, Stevie B worked a variety of jobs — from car washing to fast food — before gaining recognition for his 1987 national club smash, “Party Your Body”. It was also the title track of his 1988 debut LP, which eventually went gold. In 1989, he had his first top 40 hits with “I Wanna Be the One,” “In My Eyes” and “Love Me For Life.” With his 1990 album, Love & Emotion, he reached the height of his success, with the accompanying single, “Because I Love You” enjoying four weeks at number one on the U.S. Billboard Hot 100 in December 1990. He had two subsequent top 15 hits from Love and Emotion with “I’ll Be by Your Side” and the title track from the album.

In 1998, The Best of Stevie B was re-released, highlighting the light dance-pop sound that marked the start of his career. He has found new fame in Brazil, where he not only appears regularly on radio shows but continues to sell out concerts to tens of thousands of fans, many hailing from the slums (favelas) of both Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo, due to the popularity of his style of music with urban youth.


David Lee Garza 2-CMYK

David Lee Garza Y Los Musicales are a Tejano band formed in Texas in the late ’80s by accordion player Garza with several bandmates (some of whom are relatives): drummer Adam Garza, bassist Richard Garza and guitarist Armando De La Garza, as well as saxophone player Oscar Montemayor and multi-instrumentalist William O’Rourke. David Lee Garza premiered on Capitol in 1991 and released more than a dozen albums in less than five years. He has also recorded for Hacienda Records, and proved to be the jumping-off point for country/Tejano vocalist Emilio, who sang with Garza during the early ’90s before forming his own group, Rio.


Shelly Lares

Shelly Lares (Tejano/Country)

Michell Yvette Lares (born November 13, 1971), best known as Shelly Lares, is an American singer-songwriter,guitarist and percussionist. Starting in 1984, Lares was nominated for Female Vocalist of the Year for thirteen consecutive years and won several other awards at the Tejano Music Awards throughout her career. She signed a recording contract with Manny Records in 1986. She left the label in 1996, and signed with Sony Music Latin until she was dropped in the late 90s. In 2006, she signed a recording contract with Tejas Records.

Lares is known for her “talent and charismatic stage presence and strong voice.” according to AllMusic. Lares also writes all her songs that are featured on her albums. In 1988, Chris Perez joined her band and subsequently left the following year in favor of Selena y Los Dinos. Her 1994 album, Quiero Ser Tu Amante (1994), peaked at number 39 on the US Billboard Top Latin Albums chart.[1] Her self-titled album, Shelly (1996), peaked at number 35 on the Top Latin Albums chart. The lead single from her album, “Siempre Lo Esperare”, peaked at number 30 on the Hot Latin Tracks chart and number 18 on the Regional Mexican Songs chart. Her other single, “No Me Olvides”, peaked at number 40 on the Hot Latin Tracks chart in 2000.


Danay Suarez performing at TEDGlobal 2014, South, Session 1 - Stories, October 5-10, 2014, , Copacabana beach, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Photo: James Duncan Davidson/TED

Danay Suaréz is a Cuban R&B and rap singer. She has gained attention in Europe, mainly in France. She appeared at the Banlieues Bleues festival April 8, 2011 and has appeared on national television in France. She got her start in the music industry in 2007 with a cold call to Cuban fusion king X-Alfonso. Her work with X-Alfonso led to her discovery a few years later by Gilles Peterson. Gilles Peterson included her on the first Havana Cultura album. She has also released a CD under her name. Billboard named her one of their 10 “up-and-coming” reggaeton artists in an August 2014 article and have often compared her style to that of Erykah Badu in the USA.



Gary Hobbs

Gary Hobbs (Tejano)

Gary Hobbs’ rise among Tejano Music’s elite performers has taken years of determination. Gary’s history of hit records, gold and platinum awards, industry achievements, humanitarian contributions and hard work are legendary. Gary is an artist with a great tradition of excellent music with his very own style which makes him one of the most versatile singers in the Tejano Music Industry. His non-stop touring, recording and dedication to the Tejano industry have earned him the respect of his peers and adoration of his of fans.

Throughout the years Gary Hobbs has won numerous music awards from the different award shows, while amassing hits such as “Las Miradas”, “Amame y Besame”, “Te Vas A Acordar” and “Por Favor Corazon”, to name a few. Charting several songs on Billboards Latin top list of songs and other Latin magazines as Radio y Musica and Antenna.

Gary Hobbs has appeared on numerous top national syndicated TV shows throughout the years. Shows such as Despierta America, El Super Blablazo, Edicion Especial, The Johnny Canales Show, Sabado Gigante, Ocurrio Asi, Primer Impacto, La Luna Lunatica and Radio Y Musica.

Gary Hobbs is also one of only four Tejano Artists to have been sponsored by Coca Cola, U.S.A. Gary has also been sponsored and has worked with Paul Mitchell, Bud Light, Churchs Fried Chicken and Sears. Gary has performed for H.E.B. Grocery’s annual Feast of Sharing Holiday Dinners throughout the state of Texas. Gary has participated in this wonderful tradition, which serves almost 140,000 individuals, since November 2000.

Throughout Gary’s 28 year career he has recorded for several major record labels including RCA International, CBS International, Capitol/EMI Latin and Sony Discos.

Gary’s latest CD “Aprendi A Volar ” is on his independent label AMMX, which is owned and operated by Gary Hobbs and his son Gary Lee Hobbs.



DJ Laz, is a Cuban-American rapper and DJ from Miami, Florida. He hosted the weekday morning “DJ Laz Morning Show” in Miami on WPOW 96.5 FM, branded “Power 96,” for 22 years until he left the company in April 2012. Beginning July 4, 2012, the new DJ Laz Morning Show began after arbitration on the newly reformatted WRMA DJ106.7 a Bilingual Dance/Rhythmic formatted station. He currently hosts his own radio mix show on the Pitbull’s “Globalization” Radio Network on Sirius XM worldwide and now live in Miami on Hits 97.3FM in Florida.  Time and time again, when DJ Laz is added to your showcase for a concert lineup or festival he is greeted by thousands of fans.


National Celebrities for Appearances


Detective Gomez (Cheaters TV Show/Detective Gomez Radio Show), well known worldwide as tv shows in over 200+ countries ready for novelty appearances and fun stunt ventures.  Having preseence in over 220 countries worldwide with the Cheaters TV Show involvement, Detective Gomez’s fans are surely ready to meet him up close and personal for appearances, meet and greets and red carpet affairs!



Oscar Gutierrez (Spare Parts Movie w/George Lopez)  was born in McAllen, Texas.He graduated from High School at Missouri Military Academy in Mexico, Missouri. Oscar is fluent in English and Spanish and has studied Chinese and French. His career as an actor began when his mother and grandmother took him to an open casting where he was casted by Casting Director J.C. Cantu. He is best known for his role of Luis Aranda in the movie “Spare Parts”. Oscar just completed his second film project, this time a horrory film titled “Wareouse Hell” with date of release yet TBD. One very early 2015 it has been as Oscar also just returned from Hollywood filming a TV Pilot with George Lopez. – IMDB.  Oscar Gutierrez is known nationwide and in Mexico as the movie “Spare Parts” has enjoyed international release.  Contact us for special appearances.



Flo Hernandez-Comedian

Born in Dallas, Flo Hernandez is moving up fast in stand-up comedy. Recognized as one of the hot young Latino comics. Flo is performing at clubs and events across the US. Compared by critics to Latino comedy greats George Lopez and the late Freddy Soto, Flo delivers fast paced, high energy stand-up that crosses all cultural, ethnic and economic boundaries. Flo takes his comedy on the road every chance he gets and is popular with major clubs like the Hollywood Improv. This entertainer definitely rocks the house. Already gaining a multi cultural fan base, Flo is known for his signature “Paleta Man”, “Garage Sale” and “Taco Salad” routines, always audience favorites. Born to proud Mexican American parents, he was always the class clown while growing up. As an adult, Flo tried the “corporate cubical 9 to 5 but his passion for making people laugh called him to the stage. He took the risk and jumped to pursue a full time career in comedy. Even when others thought he was crazy, he took the challenge. Today Flo is building a comedy tidal wave in clubs and cities across the country. Watch for Flo near you.

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